Tuesday, October 19, 2010

home things. . . 

1. showering without flip flops on.
2. finding hummus and grapes in the refrigerator!
3. brilliant orange flowers outlining the front yard.
4. baking.
5. making apple sauce.
6. harvesting potatoes and peppers and tomatoes with my dad.
7. collecting leaves.
8. pressing said leaves.
9. coloring.
10. watching my dad use a chainsaw like a pro.
11. skipping through the woods.
11.5. child-like.
12. driving stick shift.
13. drinking tea, eating cookie dough.
14. familiar roads.
15. the most brilliant sunsets.
16. sleepovers with sisters.
17. central market ! 
18. pumpkin scone. 
19. sam lewis park.
20. grown ups who fly kites. 
21. holding hands in prayer. 
22. friday family movie night.
23. mom, dad, leah, zach, kayla, grandma, and pop pop. 
24. round robin.
25. rest.
26. noticing life.
27. the best nachos in the world.
28. homemade guacamole.

...someday when i grow up i want to have a garden.
i want to learn how to grow my own food and cook it well,
for lots of people.
(this year i have been volunteering at a local garden and it brings me more joy than i could have imagined.)
i love playing in the dirt.
i love conversations that take place while picking peppers.
i love  learning how things grow.
i love learning that broccoli turns into a flower if not picked in time!
i love how everything grows so differently.
i love how colorful and beautiful food can be.
i love how creative you can be with food.
i love coming back to school and making food with friends new and old.
i love riding sandy (the tandy) to and from the garden.

i am really interested in the culture of food,
this clash of food and community that is so... GOOD.

harvesting vegetables is like a treasure hunt,
but better.
because you get to EAT the treasure.
(instead of putting it in a shiny box somewhere to collect dust.)

hurray for life!
life not just in this flesh that walks on the earth,
but life that lives in the soil!

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