Wednesday, April 13, 2011

cloudy days are grey(t)

for the past two days rain has been in the forecast, instead the sun beamed lovingly.

today, however. today it rained.
i awoke this morning to raindrops on the window and puddles on the sidewalk. thunder and lightning rumbled a low, slow, "good morning" to the day. tiny thunderstorms in the morning make me so happy. they're so unexpected. it's like eating pancakes for dinner. it does not happen terribly often - but when you show up to dinner and your mom has pancakes on the table it is such a delight, it's somewhat bizarre, but so so good. pancakes for dinner and morning thunderstorms are fantastic.

there is something incredibly beautiful about grey days. granted, a whole bunch of grey days in a row can definitely drive me crazy but today - today, with grace, my attitude was not one of scorn. i drove into Boston on this grey afternoon and marveled at the magical view of buildings lined up, side by side. their different colors and textures and sizes form a magnificent collage of life. i thought of how nice it would be to live in the city have a roof top garden and ride my bike everywhere. i thought how nice it would be to live so close to others, to share life and favorite places. i longed for more time and energy to explore the intricacies of this city so close to me. . . (how ironic, because when i first met Boston, we hated each other. ask my mom. :) )

a thick cloud of fog hid the heads of each of the buildings as though they were playing a stationary game of hide and seek - or maybe they were all on really unsuccessful blind dates.

i love how grey days make every color stand out with so much more confidence:
the pale yellow lettuce seeds were a brilliant contrast to the moist brown soil,
like easter eggs nestled in the most perfect hiding spaces.
the red on the trees is deep and majestic -
the flowers outside my dorm are sprouting into the most delightful pink attire.
all of spring is like a treasure hunt.

hope your day, (if grey,) is grey(t) !

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