Saturday, May 14, 2011


if given the option
 of water colors,
baking cupcakes, 
riding tandem bike, 
watching fantastic mr. fox,
searching for a bridesmaid dress,
watching a theological debate,
playing music,
or studying 
i'm not sure what i would choose. 
but i definitely would NOT choose studying.

if i told you it was nearing the middle of may would you believe me? 
would you believe me if, when i told you that i was wearing my hat and scarf (and thinking about going to get my mittens.. haha) ?
or what if i was drinking tea and thinking about boiling hot water and drinking it straight just to stay warm? 
(and also because i am trying to ration out my favorite tea until the end of the year and there are only   f o u r bags left!) 

it's finals time and i think i'm getting sick.
and although it is a little bit chilly for may...
i'm freezing.
it's springtime.
cool, real cool.

but that doesn't keep me from making colorful tables and charts and flash cards. hopefully even though i feel like i'm living in a cloud some of this information will choose to stay inside of my brain until monday. that'd be great. i'd really appreciate it.

on the bright side, on thursday while at the greenhouse i heard this song for the first time in a looooooooong time, hurray! i had forgotten all about it.
i hope you enjoy this clever little video as much as i did. 

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