Sunday, May 1, 2011

learning to listen.

"Train! Train!" Her little voice squealed and that quickly she pranced out of our makeshift soccer field and up to the towering fence. Judging from her shining eyes you'd think that the train only came once a year rather than multiple times a day. Its low rumbling voice grew louder and soon it rushed past our eyes. Although short, hardly enough cars to begin counting, Lilly did not miss it. She smiled and waved at the destined passengers, loving every single brief second of this encounter.

Emma on the other hand, Emma held her ears with stiff arms. Standing too far back to see the people, she only heard an obnoxious ruckus. The ruckus to Emma was a cheerful shout to Lilly - Lilly knew that the noise meant people traveling places and doing things - Emma heard only an interruption to our soccer game. Lilly wanted to get a glimpse of what was happening, she cared about seeing those inside the train and not just the noise protruding out from it.

This past week life has felt a little bit like this scene. Life keeps galloping past on cold stoic tracks and though I ought to wave and acknowledge and embrace the life rushing by, sometimes all I want to do is hold my ears with stiff arms and wait until it disappears and slips back into whatever path its following. (because quite honestly I don't care.)

This week I'm going to work on listening with open ears, an open heart, and open hands. 

Oh to be less childish, 
more child-like.

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